Planning Commission


 Meeting Times / Details

 Second and Fourth Wednesday of the Month
4:00 PM - City Hall Council Chambers

Term Length: 3 Years 
Members: 10
Mayor Appointments: 10
City Code: N/A
Vacancy: Yes
Contact: 309-434-2226

The Planning Commission prepares and recommends to the City Council changes or alterations in "the official plan” of Bloomington. Any such recommendations, changes, or alterations, when adopted by the City Council, shall become a part of the "official plan" of Bloomington. The Planning Commission consists of ten (10) members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. The Mayor serves as an ex-officio member of the Commission. All appointments are for three (3) year terms which alternate on a staggered basis. 

   Position Name  Term Exp 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member     Penn, Eric 4/30/2018
 Mayor Appointed Position  Vice Chair Balmer, J. Alan  4/30/2018
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Protzman, John 4/30/2017 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Suess, Kevin 4/30/2017
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Pearson, James  4/30/2018
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Headean, Megan 4/30/2018
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Boyd, Justin 4/30/2019
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member       Scritchlow, Ryan  4/30/2017 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Stanczak, David  4/30/2019
   City Staff Simpson, Katie  N/A

 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position