Snow Route Parking Ban - Effective 5PM Friday, January 18th.



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Administrative and Support Staff

 Name                      Title                                                                  Phone/email             
Brian Mohr Fire Chief

(309) 434-2462     

Eric West Deputy Chief Operations 

(309) 434-2626 

Jeff Flairty

Deputy Chief Administration 

(309) 434-2631 

Carl Reeb Captain / Training Officer                         

(309) 434-2635

Stuart Blade Public Information-Education Officer 

(309) 434-2627

Sue Witt  Office Manager

(309) 434-2619 

Cecil Herbsleb  Maintenance Coordinator 

(309) 434-2632

Dana Carrel

Support Staff IV

(309) 434-2500

Carol Ketterer Support Staff IV


Paul Alferink Management Analyst


Shift Assignments

A-Shift  |  B-Shift C-Shift



Name                      Rank                              EMT Level 
Mike Hartwig Battalion Chief Intermediate
Mark Esme  Captain   
Dave Talley Captain   Basic
Jeffrey Day  Captain    Basic
Mike Chaon Captain   Basic
Jason Kernosky Captain/Investigator  Basic
Matthew Bozarth Captain   Intermediate
Mike Fry  EMS Supervisor   Paramedic 
Matt Segobiano  Engineer   Basic
Chad Cusac  Engineer   Basic
Steven Petrovics Engineer    Intermediate
Eric Owens  Engineer   Intermediate
Joseph Hoeniges Engineer  Intermediate
David Hall  Engineer  Intermediate
Christopher Dowell Engineer  Intermediate
Eric Purchis  Firefighter   Paramedic
Shane Stork  Firefighter   Paramedic
Paul Czapar Firefighter   Paramedic
Aaron Ehrhart  Firefighter/Investigator  Paramedic
Jeff Moran  Firefighter  Paramedic
 Dennis Hoyland Firefighter Paramedic
James Buenrostro  Firefighter  Paramedic
Tony Salvator  Firefighter  Paramedic
Wesley DeWitt  Firefighter Paramedic
Tyler Zimmerman  Firefighter  Paramedic
Christopher McFarland  Firefighter  Paramedic
Jay Capodice Firefighter Paramedic
Joshua Andracki Firefighter  Paramedic
Matthew Burke Firefighter Paramedic
Trevor Wilson Firefighter Paramedic
Shayne Whitehorn Firefighter Paramedic
Dan Norkiewicz Firefighter Paramedic
Steve Somerfield  Firefighter Paramedic
Joe Wilkinson Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Greg Stevens Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Ben Stalets Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Austin Upton Probationary Firefighter Paramedic




Name                                     Rank                                     EMT Level  
Gary Smith Battalion Chief          Basic
Jeff Emmert Captain Basic
Parish Brown Captain Basic
Eric Leman Captain Basic
Gavin Pitcher Captain Intermediate
Cory Matheny Captain Paramedic 
Mark Langellier Captain/Investigator Intermediate
Paul Sudlow EMS Supervisor  Paramedic 
Tom Koranek Engineer Basic
Lance Benedict Engineer Basic
James Schreiber Engineer Basic
Adam Ladendorf Engineer Intermediate
David White Engineer Intermediate
Ralph Baer Engineer  Intermediate
Steven Frerichs Engineer Paramedic
Rich Batka Firefighter Paramedic
William Farnum Firefighter Intermediate
Darcy Shreves Firefighter Paramedic
Frank Radek Firefighter Paramedic
Frank Friend Firefighter Paramedic
Jason Greer Firefighter Paramedic
Sean Morrison Firefighter Paramedic
Robert Fulcher Firefighter Paramedic
Kyle Klinefelter  Firefighter  Paramedic
Mathew Musson  Firefighter  Paramedic 
Jon Powell Firefighter/Investigator Paramedic
James Ellis Firefighter Paramedic
Aaron Larson Firefighter Paramedic
Joshua Kreml Firefighter Paramedic
Trey Conley Firefighter Paramedic
Grant Smith Firefighter Paramedic
Dan Kray Firefighter  Paramedic
Brandon Vaughn Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Nick Rochkus Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Matthew Roux Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Quentin Hursey Probationary Firefighter Paramedic



Name                       Rank                              EMT Level 
Steve Giusti Battalion Chief  
Brian Day Captain Basic
Patrick Miller Captain Intermediate 
Mark Visintine         Captain Basic
Jim Davis  Captain Paramedic 
Scott Cheeseman Captain Intermediate
Gene Berkley Captain  Basic
Jesse Munk EMS Supervisor Paramedic
Jeff Patterson Engineer Basic
Steve Zimmerman Engineer Basic
Sam Kelch  Engineer  Intermediate 
Brian Kochman     Engineer Intermediate
Geoff Grosse  Engineer Intermediate
Jason Anglin Engineer Intermediate
Kevin Kutchma Engineer Intermediate
Josh Wheeler Firefighter Intermediate
Lance Abel Firefighter Paramedic
Tyson Shultz  Firefighter  Intermediate
Joshua Rich Firefighter Paramedic
Charles Casagrande Firefighter/Investigator Paramedic
Clayton Matteson Firefighter Paramedic
Mark Guymon Firefighter/Investigator  Paramedic 
Justin Milton Firefighter Paramedic
Jonathan Caponi Firefighter Paramedic
Michael Novak Firefighter Paramedic
Eric Hall Firefighter Paramedic
Paul Sullivan  Firefighter  Paramedic
Andrew Coe  Firefighter  Paramedic 
Nicholas Shaver Firefighter Paramedic
Christian Merkau Firefighter Paramedic
Eric Davison Firefighter Paramedic
Chris Moore Firefighter


Kyle Tieman Firefighter Paramedic
Derick Riordan Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Luke Pool Probationary Firefighter Paramedic
Justin Sullivan Probationary Firefighter  Paramedic 
Mike Maines  Probationary Firefighter Paramedic