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Boating at Lake Bloomington
Recreational boating is permitted at Lake Bloomington. The boat ramp is located in Hubbard Park and can be reached by taking County Road 1750 East to Park View Lane. Turn East on Park View which will take you directly to the boat ramp and parking. Boaters must comply with the following provisions:

  1. All boats must have a current State and City of Bloomington License.



    Boat License Application


    To obtain a City of Bloomington Boat License all applicants are required to show proof of watercraft liability insurance, in the amount of at least $100,000.00, and evidence of current State Registration. License may be purchased through the mail by downloading the Application from this site and following the instructions on the bottom of the form. A copy of this application will then serve as a temporary license. A City of Bloomington License sticker will be mailed in return. City of Bloomington License are also available by using a self registration box located at the Lake Bloomington Park Office next to Davis Lodge. 

  2. Boats operating on the Lake must carry all State required equipment. ( PFD’s, fire extinguisher, whistle or horn, etc.) And obey all State of Illinois regulations.
  3. Maximum 40 horsepower limit.
  4. Maximum speed limit of 25 mph.
  5. All boats must obey all posted “NO WAKE” areas. The entire Lake is “NO WAKE” from ½ hour after sunset until 7:00 am.
  6. Racing is prohibited.
  7. During Skiing hours (noon - 7:00pm) all boats operating in the area open to skiing shall operate in a counter clockwise pattern and shall make all turns counter clockwise. (see skiing)
  8. All motorized boats must yield to any sail-powered or muscle-powered craft.
  9. All passengers must be properly seated when underway.
  10. All passengers under age 13 must wear approved PFD while the boat is underway.
  12. Careless or reckless operation of any type will not be tolerated.
  13. No jet skis, jet-propelled, or air driven craft of any type are allowed.
  14. Swimming from boats is prohibited.