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The City of Bloomington created this web page to focus primarily on upcoming street/sidewalk projects funded through Local Motor Fuel Tax (LMFT). This is in addition to signage, flyers, social media posts, and press releases the City will provide in order to keep the public informed about street maintenance projects in the City. The revenue generated by the now eight-cent LMFT, and one-quarter of one percent of the Home Rule Sales Tax, is kept separate in a special fund that can only be utilized for this work.

LMFT Revenue and Expense Data Coming Soon!

There is a time lag between when LMFT is collected and when it is reported. The City anticipates having the first set of data to report sometime in the next few weeks and will make it available as soon as possible.

Sales Tax and Local Motor Fuel Tax Project Photos

Updated on 06/10/2019 9:31 AM



Asphalt and Concrete Projects and Funding Since FY 2014


At the March 18, 2019 Committee of the Whole meeting, Staff gave a presentation highlighting asphalt and concrete projects and funding since FY 2014. Click here to view the presentation or watch the meeting video below.



Click here to view more videos on the
City of Bloomington's YouTube channel!

The table below provides information about planned resurfacing work, timelines, and detailed information about each project area. Click the link on each street name to view a PDF that includes information about why the segment was selected for resurfacing this year as well as photos of the current condition of each street. The document also includes a map of all streets that are scheduled to be resurfaced for FY 2020.

Broadmoor Dr Oakland Ave  Lincoln St  Awarded 4/22
Catherine St Locust St  Market St 

Awarded 4/22

 Devonshire Dr Washington St  Sheffield Dr  Awarded 4/22
 Camelot Dr Sheffield Dr  Washington St  Awarded 4/22
East Gate Pl Mercer Ave  Patterson Dr  Awarded 4/22
 Forrest St Morris Ave  thru Hinshaw Ave  Awarded 4/22
Fremont St Clayton St  Bunn St  Awarded 4/22  
Glenwood Rd Arrowhead Dr  cul-de-sac  Awarded 4/22
Kemmer Ln
 Mercer Ave Snyder Dr  Awarded 4/22  
Main St Front St  East St  Awarded 4/22
Market St Howard St  Roosevelt St  Awarded 4/22   
Mason St Monroe St  Mulberry St  Awarded 4/22
Mason St Washington St  Jefferson St  Awarded 4/22
Monroe St Madison St  East St  Awarded 4/22  
Mulberry St Howard St  Catherine St  Awarded 4/22  
Sunset Rd Emerson St  Emerson St  Awarded 4/22
Thornwood Ln Airport Rd  Privet Ln Awarded 4/22  
Vernon Ave / GE Rd Towanda Ave  West of Hershey Rd  Awarded 4/22

Between Main St & Center St Monroe St South to parking lot  Awarded 4/22