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Pavement Preservation Program

UPDATE 5/30/2018

Click here to view the Pavement Preservation Maps for 2018. These maps show the streets that will be treated under the current contract. Reclamite preservative treatment will be applied in early to mid October as weather permits. Temporary 'No Parking' signs will be placed in the blocks to be done prior to treatment. Click here to view the city council presentation, which is also shown in the four-minute video below.


More Information on Reclamite: An applicator truck sprays the reclamite on the asphalt surface. The material penetrates into the asphalt and changes color in about 15-30 minutes depending on temperature and other factors. A light coating of sand is then applied to absorb any material left-over and reduce tracking of the material. One half of the road will remain open during treatment.

Reclamite is an emulsion made up of specific petroleum oils and resins. It penetrates into the top layer of asphalt pavement and brings the Maltene and Asphaltene ratio back to a proper balance. The rejuvenating process keeps the pavement flexible, so both cracking and road fatigue are reduced. It also seals the pavement from air and water, slowing the oxidation process and reducing the loss of small aggregate. This type of treatment is designed to keep the good streets in good condition longer.

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50/50 Sidewalk and Ramp Replacement Program
This project includes the residential sidewalk repair program. Homeowners can have sidewalk along the street in front of their home replaced by the City's contractor for half of the cost. Applications are currently being accepted. The program continues through the Summer until the budgeted money runs out. For more information call 434-2225.

The Ramp Replacement Program is used to upgrade existing intersection sidewalk ramps to current standards.  To request that the ramps be upgraded at a certain location, call 434-2225.

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2018 Street and Alley Resurfacing and Repair

The Public Works Department has staff that does minor maintenance to streets and alleys including pothole repair and minor patches.  Major street and alley work is handled by contractors working for the City. Annually the City has  contractors resurface streets and alleys.   Click here for an Adobe PDF map showing a preliminary draft of possible resurfacing  work for 2018.  This map will be finalized and the table of streets below updated after the resurfacing contract is  awarded in the spring of 2018.

Information about the City of Bloomington streets is maintained in a GIS - Geographic Information System by the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department.  The condition rating along with other information is used to help determine which streets will be resurfaced each year.  Additional information about the pavement rating system can be found in this PDF presentation. The public can view an interactive map with the pavement rating layer by clicking this link.

Resurfacing a street may also including milling off the existing surface, spot repairs, and adjusting manholes and other utilities in the street.  Many streets will receive 2 layers of new hot mix asphalt.  Typical this will include a binder layer and a surface layer.  Vehicles will not be allowed on the freshly placed asphalt while it is being rolled and until it has cooled enough to handle traffic. During certain stages of construction, parking will be prohibited during the day, typically from 7 AM – 5 PM.  At times access to driveways will be limited for a few hours. A representative of the Public Works Department oversees the construction work.  If there are any special needs or concerns, please contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at 434-2225.

2018 Street and Alley Resurfacing and Repair

 The schedule of streets to be resurfaced by a contractor in 2018 are:

Finish Date
Castle Ave Vale St Moore St

Done 6/15/2018

Chestnut St Lee St Main St 9/4/2018 Done 9/12/2018
Fillmore St Center St Main St


Done 9/11/2018

Front St Madison St East St             10/8/2018

Early Spring 2019

E. Grove St Gridley St Robinson St             9/21/2018

Done 11/24/2018

W. Grove St Morris Ave West of Western Ave


Done 6/14/2018

Herbert St Mercer Ave Sidney St


    Done 6/29/2018
IAA Dr Empire Xing Vernon Ave


    Done 7/24/2018
Jefferson St Prairie St Lee St


Done 11/30/2018

Marzel Dr Mercer Ave Sidney St


Done 6/29/2018

Mecherle Dr Radliff Rd Delmar Rd


Done 6/14/2018

Pacific Ave MLK Dr Reading Rd


Done 9/24/2018

Regency / Fairway Dr Oakland Ave thru Robinhood Ln 9/17/2018 Done 11/3/2018
Rosalie St Herbert St Marzel Dr 6/14/2018 Done 6/29/2018
Seminary Ave Mason St Main St 9/4/2018 Done 9/13/2018
Sherwood Way Radliff St Robinhood Ln


Done 7/20/2018

Sidney St Herbert St Marzel Dr


Done 6/29/2018

Wood St Pancake St Livingston St


Done 7/20/2018

 The schedule of alleys to be resurfaced in 2018 are: 

Tentative ROAD Work Start Date
Anticipated Resurface Date
North of Chestnut St Linden St Eugene St


Done 6/4/2018

North of Olive St McClun St Colton Ave


Done 6/4/2018
North of Taylor St Clayton St Clinton St 5/29/2018 Done 6/4/2018


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Streid Drive at Ireland Grove Road Traffic Signal Installation

The new traffic signal became operational on August 29, 2018. Drivers should be attentive to others who may not be use to the new traffic signal yet. The lane configuration did not change.

The new signal has a flashing yellow turn arrow for the eastbound left turn. The City is using flashing yellow arrows where applicable throughout the City as new signals are installed. For reference, flashing yellow arrows are very common in the Peoria area. More information about flashing yellow arrows can be found here.

You may want to watch this short video (<2 min.) which talks about how drivers are to navigate a flashing yellow arrow.

The signal heads at this intersection are on span wire.  Four wood poles, one in each quadrant have cables stretched between them. Signal heads hang from the cables rather than on traditional mast arms and the electric wires run along the cables connecting the signal heads to the controller. This eliminates the need to install underground conduits. While rare in Illinois, this span wire system for traffic signals is common in many other parts of the country and allowed for significantly reduced project costs and quicker completion.


Washington Street Sidewalk Construction across UPRR sidings

Construction is complete for new sidewalk crossing the Union Pacific Rail sidings on the north side of Washington Street..  The work was paid for with a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

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