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Cooperation is key

Engineering4Our team of in-house engineers, technicians and electricians is vital to Public Works and to city government as a whole in planning, inspections, site reviews and electrical work.

Cooperation and teamwork are vital in every Engineering Division undertaking. The Engineering Division teams with other divisions within the Public Works Department, especially the Streets & Sewers Division. Engineering also collaborates with another City department, Planning and Code Enforcement, in issuing permits for new development and renovations. And they are hands-on with contractors and subcontractors from the private sector. Engineering3

Members of our engineering staff are in the office sifting through subdivision plans and in the field ensuring that these plans are carried out correctly. They work on a storm water and sewer comprehensive plan and document contractor work constructing those sewers.

Engineering makes plans for streets, sewers, sidewalks and alleys. It maintains water and sewer pump stations. Our engineers and technicians review plans for new neighborhoods and discusses them with developers. They analyze existing neighborhoods and the issues they face. They inspect construction projects. They are a community watchdog in that they try to find problems and order repairs during construction phases – and before an infrastructure problem becomes the liability of the general public.

Engineering studies traffic patterns, road and sidewalk plans, erosion and flooding problems and sewer plans. It oversees issues involving traffic signs and street lights, with four electricians enacting installations and repairs.
Engineering has been aggressive in mapping all infrastructure through a Geographic Information System (GIS). This is essential in instituting “Complete Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Block By Block.” Under the Block By Block strategy, Public Works as funds allow tries to fix multiple problems in an area rather than addressing them one at a time over years. This might mean fixing a sewer at the same time as fixing a street, repairing the sidewalk and replacing street signs.

At present, a massive undertaking at Engineering involves teaming with experts from the private sector to look at all aspects of the City’s storm water and sewer system and produce a Master Plan. Details will be found in our “Sewers” section rather than under “Engineering” – because that’s where the readers would probably think to look.

Much of Engineering’s other work also will show on other Public Works web pages – primarily under Sewers, Storm Water and Street. This is for the reader’s convenience.

For example, we moved information on the 50-50 Sidewalk program – handled by the Public Works Engineering Division -- from the “Engineering” to a “Streets and Sidewalks” section because we anticipate that residents needing this information would assume it would be located there. Our Erosion section moved to Storm Water. Issues concerning traffic and street signals moved to Streets.