Recycle Cart FAQs

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  • What do I do with my old recycle bins?

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about recycling?

  • Where can I take items that are recyclable but are not recyclable in the cart?

  • I recently moved and have lots of cardboard boxes and they will not all fit in my cart. What can I do with them?

  • Do I need to separate the items in my recycling bin?

  • What is considered a recyclable?

  • Can I have more than one recycling cart?

  • If my cart is stolen or broken who should I contact?

  • If I move, should I take the recycling cart with me?

  • Does the recycling cart belong to me?

  • Where do I place my container to be picked up on my recycling day?

  • Can I store my container on the outside of my garage?

  • I don’t have room for the cart in my garage. Can I use a different container to hold my recycling items?

  • How big is the cart? Do I get to choose the size I want?

  • How do I get a recycling cart?

  • Does every household in Bloomington qualify for the curbside recycling program?