Master Plans

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Long-range plans for Public Works


Sewers and Storm Water

Sewers convey wastewater and storm water. Storm water also is controlled through streams, detention basins and erosion control. The “2014 City of Bloomington Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Master Plans” is a set of documents that take an in-depth look at existing conditions and needs. The plans were approved by City Council resolution on September 14, 2015. Link here.



The Streets Master Plan, currently in progress, will identify major vehicular transportation needs. Here are preliminary maps and related information for roads being studied. The slides are from a presentation by Hanson Professional Services, the Plan's consulting engineering firm.


Brick Streets

The Brick Streets plan is a working guide used in addressing brick street issues, including preservation. It is not official City policy.
Link here.

 mp-sidewalk Sidewalks

The Sidewalk Master Plan, adopted by the City Council in 2015, was created by Public Works staff and received a statewide award for Best Transportation Project Under $5 Million.
Link here.


Adopted by the City Council in 2015, the Bicycle Master Plan identifies strategies and routes for bicycles for recreational activity and transportation. Link here.

 streetscaqpe mp

Downtown Streetscape

The Downtown Streetscape Lighting Master Plan addresses decorative lighting and other streetscape as the City strives to add curb appeal so vital to downtown districts. It was received and accepted by the City Council in 2014. Link here.