Future Projects

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The projects listed below are either pending public input and council approval or have stages planned for the future.

Traffic Signals

Planning and design is underway for traffic signals at the following intersections:

  • Keaton Place / Auto Row Drive at General Electric Road

Empire Street at Fairway DriveEmpire and Fairway Intersection
Staff resurfaced and reconfigured Fairway Drive south of Empire Street to Oakland Avenue in 2018. The new lane configuration includes one driving lane in each direction; a center, bi-directional turn lane; and will eventually include one bicycle lane in each direction. A new pedestrian crossing and associated sidewalk has also been provided across the South Frontage Road.

The portion Fairway Drive north of Empire Street is scheduled to be resurfaced with asphalt and re-striped in 2019 (the south portion will also be re-striped at that time).  

The intersection of Fairway and Empire and the north Frontage Road is currently problematic and will be further complicated with the introduction of the proposed bicycle lanes called for in the City’s adopted Bicycle Master Plan. Therefore, the City consulted with Lochmueller Group to study if there was a solution that would make this intersection function more safely and efficiently for all users.

The recommended solution includes a number of changes to Fairway Drive at this intersection.

1) A raised median will be constructed on the north leg of the intersection (similar to the existing south leg). Turn lanes will be extended to adequate lengths to accommodate the traffic. These improvements will greatly reduce the conflicting movements in the intersection and help it operate considerably smoother. The trade-off for this advantage is that the frontage road will be restricted to right-in/right-out movements. This means that vehicles will not be able to turn left from the frontage road.

2) Bicycle lanes will be added.

3) The lane configuration for the northbound approach will change to a single shared through-left lane and single shared through-right lane.

Please use caution when travelling through this area, as improvements are on hold until weather permits moving forward with the project.

Lutz Road Improvements
Planning and design is underway for some basic widening and drainage improvements for Lutz Road between Morris Avenue and the entrance to Luther Oaks.  The design is funded using the City's Capital Improvement Fund.