Hamilton, Bunn to Commerce

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The extension of Hamilton Road from Bunn Street to Commerce Parkway has been a priority for the City of Bloomington for many years. City Council has set this project as a high priority by approving multiple design contracts, applications for TIGER grants, FASTLANE grants, OneVoice trips, the potential closures of City streets at two railroad crossings, and, most recently, a Resolution to commit to providing construction funds. The City has secured federal Surface Transportation - Urban (STU) funding for this project.

Unfortunately, two different attempts in 2000 and 2008 to come to an agreement with Norfolk Southern Railway (NSR) to build this project have failed. The current iteration began in 2015 with a Phase I contract which is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2019. The City has spent more than $28 million on the south corridor, starting in the 1990s, and is moving forward on the other unimproved gap in the corridor: Fox Creek Road, from Danbury Drive to Beich Road, which will cost another $7.4 million.

hamiltonmap-webPhoto from the January 2019 Presentation by City Staff

Project Description
Hamilton Road, from Bunn Street to Commerce Parkway, is the remaining street segment needed to provide a continuous east-west transportation corridor south of Veterans Parkway (another remaining segment, Fox Creek from Danbury to Beich, is funded and in the design phase.)  The Hamilton-Fox Creek corridor is at a critical juncture that relies on a commitment from the City of Bloomington for funding for construction of the Bunn-to-Commerce segment. The completed project will:

  • Complete an essential east-west arterial from Fox Creek Subdivision to 0.5 miles east of Hershey Road; 
  • Promote multi-modal transportation from residential and recreational areas to employment centers by connecting multi-use trails that run east and west in the area
  • Facilitate in-fill commercial and residential development as advocated in the Comprehensive Plan;
  • Construct approximately 3,000 feet of new four-lane arterial road between Bunn Street and Commerce Parkway
  • Relocate existing NSR sidings
  • Close the intersection of Rhodes Lane and US 150 (Morrissey Drive) 
  • Construct a new at-grade crossing with NSR

Staff estimates that the total construction cost will be up to $12.5 million, assuming an agreement can be made with NSR to construct a new at-grade railroad crossing rather than a bridge. Staff included an estimated $2.5 million dollars to relocate the existing railroad siding storage tracks in the construction estimate. With the exception of the railroad siding relocation, the project will be completed using 80 percent federal funds STU with a 20 percent local match. City staff is attempting to secure partial federal funding for the railroad siding relocation.

 Year  Description  Total Cost  Funding Source
 Local  Federal
 2019 Phase II Design $558,460.32  $111,692.06  $446,768.26
 2020 Right-of-Way  $2,000,000.00



Railroad Siding Relocation  $2,500,000.00

(Seeking Funds)

 2022 Construction $7,400,000.00
TOTAL  $12,458,460.32