Snow & Ice Removal

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Dec 17 snow-after The City of Bloomington plans snow routes based on its goal to keep motorists as safe as possible and clear streets as quickly as possible given available resources. During a snow or ice event, Public Works employees take a systematic approach to clearing street and will work around the clock if necessary.

Together, Staff and Council look for the balance between good service and use of tax dollars. Based on these two objectives, Public Works decided to match the level of snow response to the amount of snow or ice.

Click here to view the snow plow status and district map.

Additional Information
Three documents are available from the Public Works Department that address policies and procedures for winter weather events. Links to these documents are provided below.

  • Snow Response Program Brochure
    This brochure gives the basics of the program to help members of the public understand how the Public Works approaches winter weather events.
  • Snow Response Program Detailed Information
    This document provides more thorough information than the brochure. This includes maps and a comprehensive list of streets.
  • Winter Safety Tips
    This brochure provides general information on how to stay safe at home and on the road during winter weather.