Streets & Sidewalks

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Street Maintenance
The Streets and Sewers Division of the Public Works Department provides general street upkeep, which includes resurfacing, reconstruction, pothole repairs, patching and repairs needed after excavations for work on water or sewer lines. Public Works uses contractors for major street projects due to a lack of equipment and staffing. However, the Division uses employees for innumerable smaller projects. City staff also plans and supervises major road construction, reconstruction, and resurfacing. The annual resurfacing contract is bid to a contractor and falls under capital projects. For more information on streets, choose one of the options below:

permanent patching


Sidewalk Maintenance
Bloomington’s sidewalk replacement effort involves careful planning in order to best spend limited dollars. Toward this effort, the City has used full-time staff and college interns/part-timers to inspect and rate every sidewalk in the City. The City has about 425 miles of sidewalks and more than 6,600 curb ramps, which connect the sidewalks to streets. The abundance of problem spots means Public Works has to be frugal. In addition to condition of the walkway, Public Works looks at a number of criteria in determining what to fix immediately. For more information on sidewalks, choose one of the options below: