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The overall goal of the City of Bloomington Brick Streets Master Plan is to preserve all remaining brick streets within the City. To achieve this goal, City staff assigned a category and priority level for brick streets, based on metrics set by Public Works and the Historic Preservation Commission. In order to fund patching and reconstruction of these streets, this master plan suggests objectives and methods to preserve brick pavement before it deteriorates to a level that would require reconstruction.

In addition to creating a preservation plan for brick streets in Bloomington, this master plan outlines design recommendations, new regulations for underground infrastructure work, and suggestions for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the City’s Complete Streets Ordinance.

This master plan also includes information for future consideration, including methods to reclaim previous brick streets that have been overlaid with concrete or asphalt in areas such as historic districts or shopping areas, additional metrics to use for categorizing and prioritizing brick streets in the future, and other, helpful information.

Davis Avenue Brick Street