Speed Limits

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Requests or Complaints
RequestComplaintFormComplaints of speeding problems may be reported to the City by using the request/complaint procedure or reported by phone to the Police Department at 309-820-8888. All speeding complaints received in writing will be discussed by staff at the next regularly recurring meeting.

Questions concerning Speed Limits should be submitted through the request/complaint procedure. The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department will only investigate altering a speed limit if it is determined that some type of unusual condition exists for the section of street in question. Conditions that typically exist in residential areas (e.g. large number of children, vehicles parking on-street etc.) do not constitute unusual conditions.

Speed Studies
A speed study takes into account the actual speed being driven by individual vehicles. Using the data collected; the 85th percentile and the 10 MPH pace speed upper limit are calculated. The resulting prevailing speed can be adjusted by taking into account on street parking, high numbers of crashes, pedestrians, and the number of conflicting driveways and side streets.

Requests for speed studies can be made using the request/complaint procedure.  The City will consider a request to study a particular road segment no more than once per year and only if the conditions which affect the study have changed since the prior speed study. 

State and Federal Speed Limit Regulations
MUTCD CoverThere are several "standard" or statutory speed limits established by law in the State of Illinois, such as 30 MPH in urban areas, 55 MPH in rural areas and 70 MPH on rural Interstates. Any other speed limit posting is considered an altered speed zone.

The City utilizes the Illinois Department of Transportation Policy on Establishing Speed Limits to establish altered speed limits.

In addition, the National Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices defines an altered Speed Zone as a speed limit, other than a statutory speed limit, that is based upon an engineering study.