BCPA Staff

  • Eric Veal, Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts and BCPA Community Engagement Manager
  • Tina Salamone, Performing Arts Director
  • Brandy Maloney, Executive Program Assistant
  • Nick Niemerg, Volunteer Coordinator and House Manager
  • Tim Papacek, Maintenance  
  • Thom Rakestraw, Marketing Associate
  • Erin Shannon, Marketing Manager  
  • Pam Starks, Ticket Office Manager
  • David Young, Facilities Manager and Events Coordinator

 To contact BCPA staff, please call 309-434-2777 or email info@artsblooming.org.


Cultural Commission 2015-2016


Chair, Vicki Tilton
Roger Elliott
Sherry Galbreath
Matt Giordano
Kiasha Henry
Jessielee Hinshaw
Neeraj Joshi
Ryan Huette
Mike Kerber
Jamie Mathy
Carole Ringer
Karen Schmidt
Tricia Stiller

The Cultural Commission is appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council. Commission members serve three-year terms and may be re-appointed at the discretion of the Council. The Commission meets every second Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m. in the Conference Room on the ground-level floor of the Creativity Center. General public is welcome to attend.

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