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Bloomington on Track with Aggressive Roadwork Programs

Post Date:08/08/2019 11:51 AM

Bloomington, IL - The City has completed four major street projects and is making progress on a fifth as part of new, more aggressive programs for street and sidewalk improvement. The programs include resurfacing pavement, using pavement preservation, patching pavement, repairing vertical displacement in sidewalks, and repairing ramps and sidewalk panels.

The City’s contractors have completed roadwork on Main Street, from Front Street to East Street; Monroe Street, from Madison Street to East Street, Fairway Drive/Regency Drive, from Robinhood Lane to Oakland Avenue and Front Street, from Madison Street to East Street. Major sidewalk projects have included sections at Miller Park, South Madison Street, East Taylor, Dimmitt’s Grove and Oakridge subdivision.

The next major roadwork project includes Market Street, from Howard Street to Roosevelt Street, and several adjacent blocks, which staff estimates will be complete by late summer. Upcoming major sidewalk projects include West Jackson, West Taylor and West Jefferson. A list of streets that will undergo pavement preservation will be released in early fall.

For more information about street and sidewalk maintenance, including a complete list and map of planned resurfacing projects, an interactive street rating map, and regular updates on how the community’s Local Motor Fuel Tax dollars are spent, visit