Location One Information System

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This centralized database provides the real estate professional, site location consultant or business executive the ability to conduct real-time online searches for sites and buildings in McLean County.

To attract new companies in today's highly competitive environment, economic development professionals need to maintain reliable, comprehensive data that is easily and quickly accessible. LOIS is an online searchable database designed specifically for organizations performing economic development activities. It provides data on demographic and economic profiles for states, counties and communities along with detailed information about their available sites and buildings. Over 2,800 communities and 6,000 available properties are listed throughout an eight-state area on the system. All of the data on LOIS can be printed in PDF or HTML format or downloaded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, thus facilitating a variety of options for analyzing a location.

Local McLean County real estate brokers and realtors can contact the EDC to include their properties in the system - (309) 452-8437.

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