Building Board of Appeals

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 Meeting Times / Details

Bi-annually on the first Tuesday of the month and as needed

1:30 p.m.- City Hall Council Chambers

Term Length: 3 Years 
Members: 9
Mayor Appointments: 9
City Code: Chapter 10, Section 23
Vacancy: Yes

Chris McAllister

The new building board will consist of 9 members. However, to maintain the expertise needed to facilitate some cases, the four disciplines covered (electrical, plumbing, building and HVAC) would have two (2) experts from each of the fields joined by a ninth member “at large”. For a case particular to a specific discipline, the two “expert” members plus any additional members needed for a quorum would be mandatory to hold a hearing.

   Position Name  Term Exp 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - HVAC Holderby, Mark 4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Chair - Construction Meek, John 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - At-Large   4/30/2021
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - HVAC   4/30/2021
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Electrical Weber, John 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Construction Stevig, Larry 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Electrical Raikes, Michael  4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Plumbing Kelleher, Jerry 4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Plumbing Brown, Jeffrey 4/30/2022
   City Staff McAllister, Chris N/A

 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position