Downtown Task Force Committee

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Term Length: N/A
Members: 9
Mayor Appointments: 9
City Code: Resolution No. 2017-22
Vacancy: No

Melissa Hon


In line with the importance of a revitalized Downtown, the Downtown Task Force Committee was created to establish top priorities for Downtown Bloomington for the next 3 to 5 years, as well as to formulate a definite action plan to move those highest priorities forward and bring them to fruition.  Recommendations will be made to City Administration and City Council. The Committee is composed nine (9) members representing various constituencies in the community.  

Downtown Task Force Initial Report

City of Bloomington Downtown Task Force Final Report

Presentations and Handouts


   Position Name 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Alderman, Chairperson Amelia Buragas
 Mayor Appointed Position  Alderman Kim Bray
 Mayor Appointed Position  Alderman Jamie Mathy
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member, Community Carlo Robustelli
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member, Community Justin Boyd
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member, Community Tricia Stiller
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member, Community Mike Manna
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member, Community Bobby Vericella
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member, Community Joe Haney

 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position