Property Maintenance Review Board

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 Meeting Times / Details

4th Thursday of January, April, July and October

4:00 PM - City Hall Council Chambers

Term Length: 3 Years 
Members: 7
Mayor Appointments: 7
City Code: Chapter 45, Section 1000.0
Vacancy: Yes



The board consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor and ratified by
Council. These members are to be qualified by experience and/or training and shall include: two
(2) contractors, two (2) landlords, two (2) tenants, and one (1) citizen at large. The purpose of
the board is to: interpret the Property Maintenance Code, Chapter 45 and any referenced codes;
determine the validity of appeals; and conduct public hearings to provide recommendations for
code changes related to Chapter 45 to the Council.

   Position Name  Term Exp 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Chair - Large Landlord Capodice, John 4/30/2020
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Citizen at Large Garcia, Robert 4/30/2020
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Small Landlord Smithson, Rodney 4/30/2020
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Contractor Cumpston, Kelby  4/30/2021
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Tenant
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Contractor Fetzer, Mark 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member - Tenant   4/30/2017
   City Staff Mahrt, Bob N/A

 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position