Public Safety and Community Relations Board

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 Meeting Times / Details

2nd Wednesday of each month

3:30 PM - Location Varies

Term Length: 3 Years 
Members: 7
Mayor Appointments: 7
City Code: Chapter 35, Article IV
Vacancy: Yes

Nora Dukowitz 



The Public Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB) serves as a citizen advisory committee to the Chief of Police and the City Manager, providing different perspectives on police policy and training that improve police community interactions. The Board also educates the community on the avenues available to civilians to make formal and informal complaints, assists the community and the police in clarifying and improving procedures related to complaints, and assures that access to these policies and procedures is open and transparent.  Its purpose is to add a resident perspective to the evaluation of civilian complaints, including the timely, fair and objective review of complaints; to identify perceived deficiencies in police‑community interactions, that when addressed, may result in improved interactions and shared understanding; and to provide fair treatment to and protect the rights of civilians and police officers.

Specific community outreach procedures, tools, and resources the Public Safety and Community Relations Board is responsible for are outlined in Chapter 35, Section 81 of the Bloomington City Code.

The Board consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. Terms of members shall be three (3) years in duration on a staggered basis.


The Public Safety and Community Relations Board was created by ordinance on July 24, 2017.  

PSCRB Lobby Poster
PSCRB Brochure English
PSCRB Spanish Brochure

Meeting Documentation

   Position Name  Term Exp 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member     Bennett, William 4/30/2021
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Bosquez, Robert 4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Fish, Surena 4/30/2021
 Mayor Appointed Position   Member Taylor, Arthur 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Lancaster, Janet 4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Woodard, Jeffery 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member   4/30/2020
   City Staff Dukowitz, Nora N/A

 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position