Transportation Commission

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 Meeting Times / Details

 Third Tuesday of each Month

4:00 PM - City Hall Council Chambers

Term Length: 3 Years 
Members: 7
Mayor Appointments: 7
City Code: Chapter 29, Article XXVIII
Vacancy: Yes

Phil Allyn, PE, PTOE



The Transportation Commission assists, informs and advises the administrative and elected officials of the City on matters pertaining to the transportation of people and materials within the City.   The primary areas of focus consist of advising on policy level matters involving: 

  1. streets and highways, including all streets, alleyways, roadways, on street parking, recreational drives, bridges and grade separations located within the City;
  2. pedestrian ways, including sidewalks, grade separations, shopping areas, and recreational pathways within the City;
  3. bikeways, including on- and off-street routes for transportation and recreational uses within the City;
  4. multi-use trails, including off-street trails for non-motorized uses within the City;
  5. materials and handling, including truck routes, truck terminals and materials loading trucks and other facilities.

The Commission consists of seven (7) members, appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of City Council.

Meeting Documentation

   Position Name  Term Exp 
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Corey, John  4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Chair Bradley, Maureen (Reenie) 4/30/2021
 Mayor Appointed Position   Member Breitweiser, Edward 4/30/2022
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Sanders,  Elicssha 4/30/2023
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member   4/30/2019
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Heenan, Adam  4/30/2020
 Mayor Appointed Position


Benecke, Rickielee 4/30/2021
   City Staff Allyn, Phil N/A

 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position