Schedule of Fees 

Petitions and deadlines for consideration by the City Council

  • Lake Bloomington Lease Transfer - must be filed in the City Clerk Department. Depending upon the time the documents are submitted, the existence of any problems that staff might discover, and the scheduling of Council Meetings, it could take from 3-5 weeks to process a Lake Bloomington Lease transfer.

  • Final Plats for subdivisions - must be filed in the City Clerk Department at least twelve days prior to the City Council meeting in order to be considered at that meeting. Note: For information regarding land use petitions requiring a public hearing by the Planning Commission or any other public body, please contact the City Clerk Department.

Liquor License Applications
Applications for liquor licenses are taken at any time. The application and supporting documents are available from the City Clerk Department. The filing fee is $400.00. The Liquor Commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month. A 7-day notice is published in the newspaper. If the application is approved, the City Council then considers the application at the City Council meeting and can either approve or deny the request.