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Mayor's Emergency Liquor Order for Package, Curbside, and Delivery of Alcohol for Off-Premise Consumption
In order to implement this emergency order for your restaurant or tavern, please read the Mayor's Emergency Liquor Order and complete the Curbside Pickup and Off-Premise Delivery and Emergency Package Registration applications. Email them to when complete.

COVID-19 Emergency Order 32320
Mayor's Emergency Liquor Order
Curbside Pickup and Off-Premises Delivery
Emergency Package Registration
Ord. No. 2011-16

City Code Chapter 6: Liquor Licenses

A liquor license is a privilege where establishments may offer their patrons alcoholic beverages and/or packaged alcoholic liquor.

Completed applications should be submitted along with all pertinent supporting documentation and a non-refundable $400 application fee to the City Clerk Department. If any pertinent supporting documentation is not received by the due date, the application could be denied or deferred to the next month’s meeting.  

Each application is required to appear on a Liquor Commission Meeting Agenda and, following the recommendation, will appear on a City Council Meeting Agenda.

  • A representative must attend the Liquor Commission Meeting to answer any questions the Commission may have for the applicant. Failure to appear will result in your application being delayed to the next month or denied.  
  • It is recommended, but not required unless directed otherwise, for a representative to attend the City Council Meeting.

Please contact the City Clerk Department at 309-434-2240, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to discuss any liquor license questions.

Website Liquor Landing Page

City of Bloomington Liquor Application

Staff are in the process of updating the City of Bloomington Liquor Application. Please check back soon! 

Please review the Liquor License Billing Cycle & Renewal Information before submitting the application. Also, be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions.


Curbside Pickup and Delivery Registration

In order to register for Curbside Pickup and Delivery of Alcohol, a liquor license holder must have a Class PA or PB (Package Sales) at a licensed premise of at least 10,000 square feet. Please see City Code Chapter 6 , Section 32 for all details and requirements.


Request for Beer/Wine at City Owned Property

The City of Bloomington restricts the consumption of alcohol at City Facilities and in City Parks. This includes the Miller Park Pavilion and the Davis Lodge at Lake Bloomington.

Restrictions Include: Alcohol is limited to beer and wine only. The event must have alcohol catered, i.e. no cash bar. All alcohol must be provided by the liquor caterer. Individuals are not allowed to provide their own alcohol as this is not allowed on City property. The liquor caterer must have a valid City of Bloomington Class W Liquor Catering License. A list of these current license holders is available upon request by contacting the City Clerk Department. If you wish to use a caterer not listed, please have them contact the City Clerk Department to become licensed before your event.