The Finance department has many functions including the preparation of the City Budget, processing payroll for all City of Bloomington employees, processing payment to vendors, issuing invoices for city services except for Water and Parking, tracking fixed assets, collecting city taxes, and overseeing the procurement of services, commodities, equipment, and construction.

Finance Reporting
The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation of the City Budget and the City of Bloomington's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. To view the most recent city budget and to find out more about the City of Bloomington's budgeting process please click here. For more information on the City of Bloomington's Annual Report and to view the most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report please click here.

The Purchasing Division is responsible for overseeing the purchase of all commodities, equipment services, and construction for the City. For more information click here.

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable processes all payments to vendors for the City of Bloomington. If you are a vendor and have any questions regarding an invoice billed to the City of Bloomington please contact (309) 434-2334.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable issues invoices to customers for services the City provides except for Water and Parking. If you have questions concerning an invoice you have received please contact (309) 434-2233.

City Tax Collection
The Finance Department oversees the collection of all city taxes including but not limited to the Prepared Food and Beverage Tax, Hotel/Motel Tax, and Packaged Liquor Tax. Please contact (309) 434-2233 with questions regarding city taxes.