2015 Tax Levy

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For Budget Year 2017

The tax levies over the past six years have had minimal changes. In fact, the 2012 tax levy was decreased by $400,000. The 2013 Tax Year was increased for the Library only for $33,233 and the 2014 Tax Year was increased for Police and Fire Pension funds by $500,000. The 2015 Tax Year was increased for Police and Fire Pension funds by $344,000. Despite the levy increase, the individual property tax bills, payable in 2016, will reflect an insignificant increase.

See the FY2017 tax levy by home value.

Fiscal Year  Tax Year  Property Tax Levied % Change 
2012  2010 $23,586,905  0.001%
2013 2011 $23,592,905  0.030%
2014 2012 $23,185,833  -1.730%
2015 2013 $23,219,066  0.143%
2016  2014  $23,710,066  2.153%
2017 2015 $24.063,066  1.450%

Tax Levy 2014 DistributionReal property tax is levied by 8
overlapping taxing districts:

  1. School District 87
  2. City of Bloomington
  3. Bloomington Public Library
  4. McLean County
  5. Heartland Community College
  6. Bloomington/Normal Water
    Reclamation District
  7. Bloomington Normal Airport
  8. Bloomington Township

How a Tax Dollar is Divided

Property tax levy 2015 for fiscal year 2017

The City of Bloomington’s property Tax Levy is generally allocated across seven activities which include:

  1. General Corporate:
      a. Fire Protection
      b. Police Protection
      c. Public Parks
  2. Bloomington Public Library
  3. Police Pension
  4. Fire Pension
  5. Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF)
  6. Social Security
  7. Bond & Interest Fund

The funds that derive from each tax levy may only be designated for the specific purpose intended by the tax levy. So a pension levy cannot support the general operations of the City but must be utilized for pension payment.