Community Relations

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Equal treatment is your right
The Community Relations Division is charged with ensuring equal treatment to persons that are citizens or visitors within the corporate limits of the City of Bloomington. Unequal treatment to any person because of their race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical/mental disability, or familial status is prohibited by Chapter 22.2 of the City of Bloomington's Community Relations Ordinance. The City Code prohibits discriminatory practices in employment, housing, public accommodations, and financing. It is your right to have the full enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, and advantages of privileges of any public accommodation.

Equal employment opportunity is the right of all persons to work and to advance on the basis of merit, ability and potential. Equal opportunity in housing is the right of all persons to live anywhere they wish if they are qualified to buy or rent the premises of their choice. Qualified means a prospective purchaser or tenant, among other things, has sufficient income to purchase the home or pay the rent. It is your right to receive equal treatment in connection with the terms of loans and mortgages. Complaints may be filed in our Division no later than 180 days after the date of the last alleged occurrence of a discriminative practice or act, whichever is later.

This Division is also responsible for monitoring local, state, and federally funded projects for contract compliance as it pertains to the City of Bloomington's projects. The Minority Business Directory, the Hearing Impaired Telephone line, Interpreters list, Job referral/assistance are just a few of the services that we offer. The Community Policing "Walk and Talk" program is co-facilitated through this Division.

Human Relations Commission
The Bloomington Human Relations Ordinance was established by the Bloomington City Council to protect the rights of all its citizens to have equal opportunity in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodations and financing. The Human Relations Commission's mission is to foster tolerance and mutual respect through education and public awareness programs, to deter and prevent unlawful discrimination through the implementation and enforcement of the Bloomington Human Relations Ordinance. Follow the link on the left for more information.

Community Outreach
The Community Relations Division also provides community outreach. This outreach includes workshops, training's, seminars and facilitates in the areas of Sexual Harassment, Diversity, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Workplace Violence, Prejudice Reduction, and other topics that would promote good community relations among our citizens. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Luncheon and the annual Job Fair is part of our community outreach.