Building Regulations

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Building or Zoning Code Violations
The Legal Department prosecutes building and zoning code violations. Building Code violations occur when a structure is unsafe in some manner or when the specific type of building component (for example, the electrical, plumbing, or heating/air conditioning system of the structure) was not installed correctly or maintained according to national building codes.

In most cases, a building permit is required to be obtained before alterations are made to a building. Failure to obtain a building permit, or performing specialized work without an appropriate license (such as plumbing, electrical, or heating/air conditioning work) is also a violation of city ordinances. Although, in certain cases, owners of residential property may perform specialized work on their personal residences without being licensed in that specialty, they still need to obtain a permit for that work.

A zoning code violation occurs when a building or lot is used in a manner not permitted by Chapter 44 of the Bloomington City Code (the Zoning Code). The purpose of zoning codes is to ensure that the use of land in a particular area of the City is compatible with other existing or proposed uses of land in the same neighborhood. For example, the Zoning Code tries to protect residential areas of the City from uses which would detract from the ability of City residents to enjoy their house or apartment.

Although the Legal Department prosecutes building and zoning code violations, it does not investigate those violations directly. Complaints are referred to the City's Department of Planning and Code Enforcement (PACE). If you have a question about compliance with the building or zoning codes of the City or wish to report a violation, contact the Department of Planning and Code Enforcement at (309) 434-2226 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. If you desire more information about building and zoning codes, contact PACE at the telephone number listed above or by going to its web page.