City Violations

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Common City Ordinance Violations
Most City Tickets which allege ordinance violations (except for parking tickets) involve violations of Chapter 28 of the Bloomington City Code. The fine for many of these offenses can be paid at Bloomington City Hall, 109 East Olive Street, Bloomington, Illinois, according to the following schedule of fines

Illegal Sale of Alcohol $250.00
Illegal Purchase of Alcohol $250.00
Possession of Open Alcohol on Public Street or other Public Property $250.00
Possession of Alcohol by Person Under 21 $250.00
Consumption of Alcohol by Person Under 21 $250.00
Use of Fraudulent Identification $250.00

Permitting a Dog/Cat to run at Large $100.00
Failure to Confine Dangerous Dog $100.00
Noisy Animals $100.00
Sanitation- Dogs and Cats $100.00
Disorderly Conduct $100.00
Curfew $50.00
Truancy $50.00
Discharge of Firearm $100.00
Graffiti $500.00
Possession of Cannabis (under 2.5 grams) $250.00

Tickets may be paid at City Hall through the 15th calendar day after issuance of the ticket. Extensions of time to pay the ticket are not given. If the ticket is not paid within 15 calendar days after issuance, the ticket is filed in court which will automatically cause court costs to be assessed. The court has the ability to fine a greater or lesser amount than tickets which are paid at City Hall.