Other Plans and Studies

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Approved Plans

Downtown Bloomington Strategy (15.9 MB PDF) (adopted in December of 2013, prepared by Farr & Associates)

Historic Preservation Plan  (PDF) (adopted in 2004)

Brick Streets Master Plan  (adopted in October 2018, prepared by City of Bloomington staff)

Bloomington Bicycle Master Plan (adopted in May 2015, prepared by Farnsworth Group and City of Bloomington staff)

Sidewalk Master Plan (adopted in 2015, prepared by City of Bloomington staff)

West Bloomington Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (4.3 MB PDF) (adopted in 2008, prepared by Teska Assocates)

Draft Plans and Studies

Downtown Streetscape Lighting Master Plan (29.2 MB PDF) (prepared in 2014)

Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Plan (9.79 MB PDF) (prepared in 2016 by the McLean County Regional Planning Commission)

Annexation Issues (prepared in 2010 by TischlerBise Consultants)

Historic Preservation Surveys

Regional Plans and Studies

The McLean County Regional Planning Commission (MCRPC) is the metropolitan planning organization for McLean County. The Commission oversees county and regional level planning and coordination. MCRPC works in partnership with City of Bloomington and Town of Normal Planning Divisions to develop regional plans.

Regional Housing Study  (25.2 MB PDF) (completed October 2018, prepared by MCRPC)

Greenways Plan (43 MB PDF) (completed September 2009, prepared by MCRPC)

Long Range Transportation Plan 2045  (completed November 2017, prepared by MCRPC)