Sign Ordinance

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Sign Code Ordinance

The City of Bloomington’s advertising sign ordinance, located in Chapter 3 of Bloomington City Code, was adopted in 1979. The code attempts to balance the needs of business owners and residents. The code attempts to honor the advertising rights of business owners while protecting public investment and promoting safe travel free of distractions and visual clutter.  

Sign FAQ’s

If you have a question about signs, please review our Sign Permit FAQ

If your question cannot be answered from this list, please call the Community Development Department at (309) 434-2226.

Sign Permit Application 

All signs, even temporary banners, within the City of Bloomington require a permit before installation. Applications for permits are filed with the Community Development Department. The property owner, or a sign contractor on behalf of the property owner should submit applications. Applications should include a site plan showing location of the signs and setbacks from the property line, renderings of the proposed sign showing dimensions and construction materials, the square footage and location of existing signs on the property, a description of the character of the structural members the sign will be attached to, and electrical wiring components (if applicable). Some signs, such as pole signs, pylon signs or awnings may require plans stamped by a structural engineer. After review of the permit application, the applicant will be required to pay a permit fee based on the reasonable cost of the sign and supporting structure, which includes cost of material and labor in accordance with the fee schedule. A surcharge may be added for work completed without obtaining a permit.

The City requires that installation is completed by a sign contractor, registered with the city. Information on registering as a contractor is available here.

Reviews, Variances, or Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews administrative decisions and variance requests. The Board meets monthly, and is responsible for conducting public hearings and making findings of fact. For information regarding a variance or appeal, please contact the Community Development Department at (309) 434-2226. Forms and applications are available online.