Zoning Ordinance and Map

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Zoning Ordinance 
Because it controls the use of land, the zoning ordinance is probably the single most effective means of implementing a community’s comprehensive plan and land use plan. The City’s current zoning ordinance was adopted on March 11, 2019.


Zoning Map

Zoning Districts, which designate certain uses as permitted or restricted in certain areas, guide orderly development of the City.   


There are zoning districts for agricultural, residential, office, business, and manufacturing uses. There are special districts for airport, university, and public uses such as parks. Overlay districts have requirements in addition to the zoning district that they affect. For example, the airport noise impact overlay serves to restrict the development of noise sensitive uses in areas with unique noise impacts emanating from aircraft operations. The S-4 Historic preservation overlay requires a review by the Historic Preservation Commission before altering exterior features of a historic structure. Click here for the current zoning map (PDF).