A message from Chief Dan Donath:

"We are taking proactive steps to keep our officers and civilian employees healthy so they can continue to keep your community safe. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Bloomington Police Department has modified our operations to include the following changes (as of 3-17-20). "

• Our large public meeting room, known as the Osborn Room, is now closed until May 1, 2020. If you had an event scheduled in this room, it has now been cancelled.

• Public fingerprinting services by the department have been suspended until further notice.

• Public access to the Administration Office is suspended until further notice. Those wishing to contact a member of the Police Administration should do so by phone, email or by
visiting our front lobby.

• Under some circumstance's officers may now take minor police reports over the phone. This process will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

• All hearings involving an ordinance violation or vehicle towing will be postponed until May 20, 2020. If you have a court date or tow hearing scheduled during this time, you will receive a notice to appear for a new date. Questions regarding these two matters should be directed to City Legal, 309-434-2213.

In these trying times, please focus on getting your information from reliable sources. The McLean County Health Department has created a new website focused on regional information about COVID-19.

The site can be found here:


Welcome to the Bloomington Police Department! 

Our mission is to work in partnership with the citizens of Bloomington to enforce the laws and to enhance the quality of life in our community.

While Internet technology cannot replace the value of face-to-face contact, it is another tool that allows us to deliver information to you. We are active on our social media pages. Visit our Facebook page (button below) for up-to-date posts and local activity. 

We offer an “Interactive Crime Maps and Statistics” page which also contains interactive maps. News about our crime-fighting successes can be found on the “Media Releases” page. Many of our informational brochures on a wide variety of topics can be downloaded from our “Publications” page. If you’re not sure how to contact the department, visit the “Contact Us” page for phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Information on the Freedom of Information Act can be found on the "FOIA" page. Complaints about traffic can be found on Public Work's "Traffic" Page. 

You can also find us on the social media sites below.  Please view our social media disclaimer on use and commenting.

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We are constantly striving to enhance and improve what is offered on these pages, so we hope you’ll be patient with us and will visit this site often.

On behalf of the 150+ men and women of the Bloomington Police Department – sworn and civilian – We invite you to have a look around!