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Community Crime Map is a public crime mapping system that allows the Bloomington Police Department to share crime information with the community to reduce crime, improve public safety and enhance neighborhood-police partnerships. Users of this site can utilize the interactive maps and data dashboards to become better informed about criminal activity.

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Data included on the maps and tables reflect incident reports taken by Bloomington Police Department. They do not reflect the number of offenses reported, as multiple offenses may occur in a single incident. Neither do they reflect results of investigations connected with listed offenses. Offenses shown on the site are Part I Index crimes including Aggravated Assault, Arson, Burglary, Homicide, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery and their related sub-category offenses*. Also shown are Disorderly Conduct, Vandalism and Weapon Offenses.

* Criminal Sexual Assaults have been purposely omitted from the data shown on this site.

Notifications / Crime Alerts via e-mail
Community Crime Map also allows users to sign up and receive electronic e-mail reports of criminal incidents that have occurred within a certain distance of their home, workplace or business. Bloomington Police Department will be conducting biweekly uploads of crime data so we recommend setting your alerts to 'weekly' or 'monthly' in the user set up area of the Crime Alerts location of the web site. This feature also allows the user to designate the types of crimes they would like included in their electronic alerts.

Residents can also sign up for specialized notifications by Bloomington Police Department regarding emergency notifications and specialized crime alerts.

Signing up for these types of notifications can be found in the Citizens on Patrol area of the site.

Date Range:
Bloomington Police Department incident data is available for two years up to the current date.
Update Frequency:
Criminal incident data is uploaded to the site twice a week.
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Crime Statistics

For more information, contact the BPD Public Affairs Office at (309) 434-2355 or email