Thank Yous

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Taking Service to another Level Carlton

BPD Officer Ty Carlton is taking community service to another level. He just returned from a missions trip along the Amazon River, where he did work in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. Officer Carlton helped build a church, dental clinic, and had fun with some amazing new friends.

Way to go Officer Carlton! #CopsCare 


Thank you to Officer Day

“Finally got a picture with this amazing officer and just overall the nicest guy ever! First off he was able to see completely through the front I always had up and got to know the real me slowly! He saved me from doing a lot of stupid stuff my senior year and always had my back. He always wants the best for me and makes sure I'm making the right choices in my life! He always knows the right thing to say and surprisingly can keep me very calm!! Which not many people can do if anyone! I'm so happy I have you to talk to when needed. Hopefully we can always stay connected! I do miss seeing you in the halls but I know you will always be there for me and have my back!” – former student




Thank you to Officer Jones

"Thank you so much to the kindness of the Bloomington police officer (Ofc. Nik Jones) who brought this cute little bear to my daughter! It made her smile!!"

Awww, we are happy Officer Bear found a new home. Get well soon!!!






Thank You Mendiola

Officers really appreciated the gift bags of treats from Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Plattner’s Kindergarten class at Corpus Christi Elementary School. Students presented the treat bags to Officer Mendiola to share with the department. Each bag contained the following treats and the corresponding message:

Lifesaver - “Because you are one!”
Caramel - “Because you help others get out of sticky situations!”
100 Grand - “Because you don’t do it for the money!”
Lollipop - “For that “pop” of energy you need!”
Mint Patty - “To help keep your cool in every situation!”
Gum - “To help your unit stick together!”
Hershey Hugs - “To show our love for all you do!”

Thank you kindergartners for your support and kind messages. You made our day!!!