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Yard Waste Composting Resources 
The Ecology Action Center, Town of Normal, and City of Bloomington all invite residents to explore new, easy-to-use backyard composting instructions found at Backyard composting is an easy way to recycle yard waste into valuable, soil-improving, organic material. A new instructional flyer lists three simple steps to get started composting—it’s that easy. Click here to view the flyer.

Backyard composting is an easy and natural process that allows for recycling of natural materials into nutrient rich compost. It not only helps conserve natural resources, improve your garden, and reduce the direct costs of solid waste management, it also helps improve air quality. Proper composting of natural materials prevents the generation of harmful methane gas that is created when natural materials are landfilled instead, where little to nothing can break down. In addition, less yard waste to be picked up curbside means less truck emissions on residential streets and better air quality for all.

From compost bins designed and built in-house, to expert troubleshooting, to guidance on use of finished compost, the Ecology Action Center professional staff is available to support your composting effort. The EAC’s composting workshops and other in-person educational offerings will resume in later reopening phases. Meanwhile, visit for more information, or to order low-cost but durable composters. Local residential delivery fees are currently waived in order to maximize access to a pre-made composter for those who want one.