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Are you planning to dig? You should call JULIE first before tilling the ground for a new garden, putting in a post for a dog tether or a new mail box. Even cutting through sod to place low voltage lighting could easily damage under ground services.

811 JULIE One-Call Utility Locate LogoCall JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) at 811 or toll free 1-800-892-0123 or submit an E-Request. Besides your name, address, phone number, dig location and dig type you may be asked what quarter section you are located in.

Click here for a PDF map book showing quarter sections for Bloomington, Illinois.

The City of Bloomington is a member of JULIE and will locate City owned and maintained infrastructure that is in public right-of-way or in public easements including:

  • Water
  • Sewer (including storm, sanitary, and sump pump drain tile)
  • Street light cable
  • Traffic signal conduits and cables

The following APWA Uniform Color Code illustrates the colors each utility will use when staking, painting and or flagging the location of a buried utility facility.

Utility/Type of Product 

Identification Color 

 Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum




 Potable Water


 Communications, TV


 Sewer and Drain Lines


 Reclaimed Water, Irrigation


 Temporary Survey


 Proposed Excavation

 White / Black on Snow

The City will not locate private water or sewer services, private water mains, private sewers or in new subdivisions where the public improvements have not been accepted for maintenance by the City.
Please refer to the illustration below.

Property owners who need their service lines located should contact a contractor who has locating equipment to mark where their water and/or sewer services are.

For more information about JULIE visit their website at: or submit an online request for locate here.

JULIE Property Diagram