Signal at GE and Keaton/Auto Row

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Project Need
GE Road is a four-lane, urban arterial that serves over 18,000 vehicles per day. The intersection at Keaton Place/Auto Row Drive is located just over 400 feet east of Veterans Parkway and services a car dealership, retail shops, and popular restaurants. The existing traffic control at this location is a two-way stop, with Keaton Place/Auto Row Drive stopping for GE Road. The northbound left turn from Keaton onto G.E. accounts for 72% of the traffic exiting Keaton. The turn is difficult, especially at peak traffic times. 

Proposed Project
Knight A.E. (the design consultant), performed a detailed traffic study for this intersection. A four-way stop is not a viable option at this location due to the high east-west volume on GE Road and the subject intersections proximity to Veterans Parkway. The proposed plan for the GE Road and Keaton Place/Auto Row Drive Intersection includes installing traffic signals, installing a dual northbound left turn lane, and increasing the corner radii on all four quadrants to accommodate large delivery vehicles that support nearby businesses.

When the new traffic signal becomes operational, drivers should be attentive to others who may not be use to the new traffic signal.

Flashing Yellow Arrow Safety
The new signal will have a flashing yellow turn arrow. The City is using flashing yellow arrows where applicable throughout the City as new signals are installed. For reference, flashing yellow arrows are very common in the Peoria area. More information about flashing yellow arrows can be found here.

You may want to watch the video below, which talks about how drivers are to navigate a flashing yellow arrow.