Closing the Gap on Hamilton Road

The City of Bloomington plans to use BUILD funding, combined with innovative local funding, to cross the Norfolk Southern Railroad and complete a 7.2 mile, four-lane, east/west arterial roadway on the south side of the city. This will connect Bunn Street to Commerce Parkway. See below for the project location. Historically, the existing Norfolk Southern Railroad storage facility and associated right-of-way have been a barrier to completing the connection. With the relocation of the storage facility and construction of this section of Hamilton Road, east/west mobility will be improved by providing better route continuity. Hamilton Road will connect homes located on the southwest side of the city and rural communities south of the city with a more direct and safer route to State Farm campuses, parks, schools, and other places of business along Commerce Parkway and Hamilton Road.

Multi-modal transportation will be improved by constructing a branch of Constitution Trail. The proposed branch of Constitution Trail connects sections of the trail system that follow existing sections of Hamilton Road and trails that meander through the State Farm South Campus to park facilities.

Building the 3,000 feet of arterial street and crossing the Norfolk Southern Railroad will also promote more sustainable infill development, reduce traffic volumes on nearby congested streets that would otherwise require widening, and allow for the closure of the intersection of Rhodes Lane and Morrissey Drive (US 150) near the Morrissey Drive at-grade crossing with Norfolk Southern Railroad.



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