Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of all Frequently Asked Questions lists from the categories related to the Public Works Department. You can find a specific category by using the drop-down box above the questions or by scrolling down. Click each question to show or hide the answer. If you have any additional questions, please click here to view our contact information.
  • Fire Protection Fees

    • Where does the revenue from the Private Fire Protection charge go?

    • Can you provide examples of the calculation of the Private Fire Protection charge?

    • Is there a difference in a combined service line or separate fire line, fire protection charge?

    • How do I know if I have a Private Fire Protection system?

    • I never use or have never used my fire protection system. Why do I have to pay a fee for this?

    • Do other cities have Private Fire Protection charges?

    • What is the 2009 rate for Private Fire Protection?

    • How was the Private Fire Protection charge determined?

    • Why is there a charge or fee for Private Fire Protection?

    • What is the Private Fire Protection charge on my City Services bill?

    • What is Private Fire Protection?