Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

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Sanitary Sewer Maintenance is part of the Streets and Sewers Division, which is responsible for ongoing maintenance and repairs to sanitary sewer and combined sewer infrastructure. Major projects are usually contracted to the private sector and are overseen by staff of the Engineering Division. Emergency cave-ins are handled by both City workers and outside companies, depending on the situation.

City employees conduct a sewer cleaning program to ensure the steady flow of sewage from its point of origin to sewage treatment plants. Routine maintenance reduces the chances of a mainline sanitary or combined sewer from becoming obstructed with debris. This prevents sewage backup into basements or sewage overflow onto streets or into nearby bodies of water.

To report a storm water, sanitary sewer, or water issue, call 309-434-2225 during regular office hours. For emergency issues (i.e. backup, illicit discharge, unreported water main break) after hours, call 309-820-8888.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Underground utilities can be a mystery to homeowners despite being essential for public health and sanitation. The following frequently asked questions will help make you aware of how your sewer works. For more information, call Public Works at 309-434-2225.

  • Sanitary Sewer Billing Questions

    • How much are the sanitary sewer fees?

    • Why do I have to pay a sanitary sewer fee?

    • Where is my sanitary sewer bill?

  • Sanitary Sewer General Questions

    • What is a sewer tap?

    • What is a service line?

    • What is municipal sewage?

    • What is a sanitary sewer system?

    • What is an outfall sewer?

  • Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing Questions

    • What is sanitary sewer smoke testing?

    • Who performs sanitary sewer smoke testing?

    • How will sanitary sewer smoke testing affect my home or business?

    • Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about sanitary sewer smoke testing?

    • What is Superior® Smoke for testing sanitary sewers?

  • Sewer Backup Questions

    • What should I do if I experience a sanitary system overflow?

    • Does my insurance cover this?

    • How do blockages occur?

    • As a property owner, what can I do to minimize the probability of a sanitary sewer overflow?

    • Can the City be held liable for sewer backups?

    • How are repair requests prioritized?

    • How are private sanitary laterals unclogged?

    • How are tree roots removed from sewer pipes?

  • Sewer Lining Questions

    • What is sewer lining?

    • Who does the lining?

    • Will I lose service during liner installation?

    • Why do some properties have an unpleasant odor inside during and after lining?

    • What should I do if the odor from sewer lining enters my building?

    • How can I prevent odors during lining?

    • Can the air pressure during lining push water out of a toilet?