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A concerted effort has been made to develop a website that is not only informative and easy to navigate, but more importantly implements good open government practices. The end goal -- to bring Transparency to City Hall functions and enhance the provision of information to the citizens of the City of Bloomington.

The City is committed to transparency in the conduct of the public’s business. For example, in 2013, Bloomington was one of only 50 out of nearly 7,000 communities to earn the Illinois Policy Institute’s (IPI) Sunshine Award for outstanding online transparency performance, finishing in ninth place overall for web transparency in Illinois. The IPI developed a Ten-Point Transparency Checklist to help provide a “best practices” framework to improve government transparency across the State. This Checklist encourages specific information be provided on a public body’s website including meeting agendas and minutes, budgets, financial audits, employee salaries and benefits and more. Some of this info, such as compensation, is required by law while some is not. City staff recently modeled a Website Transparency Ordinance based off the IPI’s Checklist, which was adopted by City Council at a meeting in August 2014. The Website Transparency Ordinance serves to affirm the City’s ongoing commitment to clear communication with the public. 

The Transparency Portal page provides another way to find information on our site.  If there is public information that you would like to see on this section, please contact us by clicking on the feedback link located above.


Elected Officials

Elected and Administrative Officials
The City is dedicated to maintaining fair, equitable and transparent hiring practices as well as enforcing governmental ethics ordinances to regulate the behavior of City employees, elected officials, appointed officials, lobbyists, vendors, and others.
City Council Information

Executive Staff Contact Information

Minutes and Agendas

Meeting Information (Calendar or List)

Access public meeting times and information.  View agendas, minutes, addendum, and other reports available to each meeting.

View information specific to City Council meetings.

View information on other Boards, Commissions and Committees


Public Records / FOIA Requests

The State of Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guarantees access to records and documents maintained by government.  New FOIA legislation began January 1, 2010, strengthening the State's FOIA requirements and making it easier for individuals to gain access to government information.
View City FOIA Information

Budget and Financial Information

City of Bloomington budget information, such as annual operating and grant budgets, debt service schedules.

View Annual Budget Information

View Monthly Budget Reports

Performance Metrics

Financial Audits
City of Bloomington annual CAFR reports, auditor reports and pension reports.

View Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

View Treasurer Reports

View Pension Reports
The City reports monthly department performance data in the City Manager monthly reports. Performance Metrics


Expenditures are reported every City Council meeting in the Bills and Payroll Report. Select the year and meeting date you wish to view.

View Bills and Payroll Reports
View Treasurer Reports

Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits

Benefits at a Glance
View Labor Contracts
Employee Compensation


View Vendor Contracts

Open Bids and Proposals
View Union Contracts
Doing Business with the City

Hiring and Ethics Information

The City of Bloomington does not do its own lobbying. Instead we belong to organizations who lobby on our behalf. View those organizations here.
Lobbying Statement

Taxes and Fees

Taxes and Fees

Information and forms on the locally collected taxes.

Property Taxes and Assessments

Sales Tax
View Fees Schedules for Permits


Entertainment Venues

Arena and BCPA contracts and event reports.

VenuWorks Executed Agreement

Draft Contract

Arena Event Reports

Arena Quarterly Reports

BCPA Event Reports

State of Illinois Transparency

State of Illinois Transparency & Accountability Portal
Presented to the citizens of Illinois as a single point of reference to review how their tax dollars are being spent to support state government programs. The Illinois Transparency & Accountability Portal includes information about state employee pay, state agency expenditures, state agency contracts, corporate accountability and professional licenses.